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New Castle State Hospital, New Castle, IN, 1978 - 1979

 File — Box: 193, Folder: 32

Scope and Contents

From the Collection: The collection consists of the records from the Indiana University School of Medicine. The bulk of the collection covers the years 1915-2009, with the largest portion coming from the years 1950-1999. Although there are gaps within the collection, the records provide the best overview of the development and history of the School of Medicine. The files are generally arranged in alphabetical order.

The collection is divided into four series: Administrative Records, University Records, Faculty Records, and Audio Visual.

Administrative Records, 1848-2013

This series consists of five main areas: Office of the Dean Records, Office of the Registrar Records, Early Medical Records, Accounting Records, and Office of Public Relations Records.

Office of the Dean Records, 1871-2011, contain correspondence and office records for six School of Medicine deans: Charles P. Emerson (second dean), Willis D. Gatch (third dean), Burton D. Myers (Bloomington dean), Glenn W. Irwin Jr. (fifth dean), George T. Lukemeyer (associate dean), and D. Craig Brater (ninth dean). Office records include applications, associations, budgets, committee minutes, hospital files, newsletters, publications, reports, schedule and course lists, and speeches. Two boxes of photographs were separated out from the George T. Lukemeyer Records. Correspondence is arranged chronologically.

Office of the Registrar Records, 1913-1956, contain correspondence and office records of two hospital administrators, Robert E. Neff and Edward Rowlands. Office records include application requests, budgets, committee minutes, contracts, examination schedules, inventories, monthly statements, printing orders, reports, schedules, and telegrams. Correspondence is arranged chronologically.

Early Medical Records, 1848-1968, contain office records, reports, and committee files for some of the earliest documents housed in the collection. Office records include class notes, hospital books, matriculation books, and publications.

Accounting Records, 1899-1971, contain budgets, reports, and bulletins from the School of Medicine. This includes budgets from 1929-1971, Reports of the Administrator from 1935-1938, and printouts of the Quarterly Bulletin of the IU Medical Center from 1939-1970.

Office of Public Relations Records, 1964-2013, contain a collection of news clippings about the School of Medicine. This includes clippings over school events, faculty members, and a small collection of clippings over Ryan White. Three boxes of photographs were separated out from this collection.

University Records, 1899-2010

This series consists of two main areas: Hospital Records and School Records.

Hospital Records, 1903-2007, contain correspondence and office records for Indiana University Centers of Medical Education and the IU Medical Center, employee files, hospital reports, and news reports. Included in the IU Medical Center Records are administrative bulletins, annual reports, committee minutes, costs, departmental files, questionnaires, reports, and telephone directories. The reports consist of accreditation reports and media reports about the hospitals around campus.

School Records, 1889-2010, contain correspondence and office records for the School of Medicine Alumni Association, award files, committee files, and departmental files. The Alumni Association Records consist of documentation for Alumni Days, annual meetings, class notes, council meetings, directories, fall weekend events, spring weekend events, newsletters, and reunions. The Award files include programs and posters from Mark Brothers Lectureships, Scientific Sessions, and Steven C. Beering Award winners. One box of photographs was separated out from this collection. The Committee files consist of correspondence, meeting minutes, and newsletters from the Basic Science Council, the Education & Curriculum Committee, the Executive Committee, the Faculty Steering Committee, the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, the Primary Care Initiative, the Protection of Human Subjects/Institutional Review Committee, the Radiation Safety Committee, the Radiation Safety Council, the Radioactive Drug Research Committee, the Radionuclide Radiation Safety Committee, and the Study Council for the IU Statewide Medical Education System. The Departmental files include faculty bibliographies for the School of Medicine and office records from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Department of Ophthalmology.

Faculty Records, 1926-2011

This series consists of the papers of thirteen faculty members at the School of Medicine: Oscar M. Helmer, William H. Headlee, Leslie W. Freeman, Robert F. Heimburger, James E. Ashmore, William D. Ragan, Elizabeth Solow, Stuart A. Kleit, Craig Gosling, Winton Burns, Hugh C. Hendrie, Carl Rothe, and Herbert C. Cushing.

Occar M. Helmer Papers, 1913-1975, contain correspondence and office records during his time as a Professor of Experimental Medicine and Biochemistry. Office records include administrative bulletins, Alumni Day documents, annual reports, budgets, committee minutes, cooperative groups off-campus information, historical data, hospital associations, memoranda, photos releases, post graduate course programs, professional journals, publications, purchase orders, research files, Riley Hospital for Children files, and student rosters. Correspondence is arranged chronologically.

William H. Headlee Papers, 1926-1986, contain correspondence, association files, office records, and foreign aid files during his time as a Professor of Parasitic Diseases in the Department of Microbiology. Office records include budgets, faculty annual reports, faculty bibliographies, meeting minutes, and news clippings. Also included are the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center files, of which Headlee was Director of, containing correspondence, personnel files, and project files, consisting of costs, news clippings, newsletters, reports, and rosters.

Leslie L. Freeman Papers, 1930-1972, contain correspondence, association files, office records, and grant files during his time as a Professor of Experimental Surgery. Office records contain Department of Surgery files, rehabilitation files, and paraplegic research files, including files over animal research, the National Paraplegia Foundation, paraplegic rehabilitation, and Paraplegic Veterans of America. One box of audio reels was removed from this part of the collection and placed in the Audio Visual Series.

Robert F. Heimburger Papers, 1930-1984, contain correspondence, association files, office records, and committee files during his time as a Professor of Neurological Surgery in the Department of Neurology. Office records include association files, committee minutes, correspondence, fellowship research, and manuscripts. Also included are hospital records containing files over the Indianapolis Center for Advanced Research and types of hospital lighting and ultrasounds, consisting of files over equipment, grants, research programs, training, and visualization assessments.

James E. Ashmore Papers, 1950-1977, contain office records during his time as a Professor of Biochemistry and Pharmacology in the Department of Pharmacology. Departmental files include correspondence, meeting minutes, method notebooks, and notes for lectures.

William D. Ragan Papers, 1950-1995, contain case studies and office records during his time as a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Departmental files include articles, budgets, correspondence, log books, meeting minutes, and reports. Case studies are restricted.

Elizabeth Solow Papers, 1959-1985, contain correspondence and office records during her time as a Professor of Neurosurgery Research in the Department of Surgery. Departmental files include correspondence, presentations, and publications. Also included are association files, consisting of files from the American Association of Clinical Chemists, American Association of University Professors, American Chemical Society, American Epilepsy Society, Analytical Discussion Group of Central Indiana, National Science Foundation, Ohio Valley Gas Chromatography Discussion Group, and Sigma Xi Society.

Stuart A. Kleit Papers, 1959-2000, contain office records during his time as the Chief of Staff at University Hospitals. Office records include administrative policy manuals, ambulatory care files, audits, billing files, committee minutes, budgets, Clarian Health files, finance reports, hospital files, medical staff files, Methodist Hospital files, pharmaceutical files, quality assurance files, residency files, strategic plans, and Wishard Memorial Hospital files.

Craig Gosling Papers, 1966-2001, contain office records and publications during his time as the Director of the Medical Illustration Department. Office records include articles, brochures, instructional programs, news clippings, and newsletters.

Winton Burns Papers, 1967-1969, contain three files related to his time as Director of the Artificial Heart Program at the School of Medicine. One box of slides was separated out from this collection.

Hugh C. Hendrie Papers, 1969-2000, contain correspondence and office records from his time as a Professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry. Office records include accreditation reports, association files, bibliographies, committee minutes, departmental files, executive council files, faculty files, grant files, hospital clippings, LaRue Carter Memorial Hospital files, marketing plans, residency files, and Roudebush VA Hospital files.

Carl Rothe Papers, 1976-1999, contain office records during his time as a Professor of Physiology at the School of medicine. Office records include committee minutes, correspondence, grant files, lecture outlines, and Ruth Lilly Medical Library files.

Herbert E. Cushing Papers, 1977-2011, contain hospital files and office records during his time as the Chief Medical Officer at University Hospitals. The hospital files consist of board of directors’ meetings, budgets, bylaws, correspondence, finance reports, information system files, medical staff files, and presentations from Clarian Health Partners, Wishard Memorial Hospital, Indiana Clinic, IU Medical Group-Specialty Care, and University Hospital. Office records include ambulatory care files, annual reports, budgets, committee minutes, costs, faculty files, and news reports. Personal files are restricted.

Audio Visual, 1975-2008

This series consists of two main areas: Audio and Video. Series includes audio reels, CDs, DVDs, films, and videotapes that appear within the collection.


  • 1978 - 1979

Language of Materials

From the Collection: English

Conditions Governing Access

Personnel and student records and other personal information in these records are restricted. All other material is open to the public without restriction.


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